Oakley on pasture at Litengård - Little Farm

In 2008 we purchased our very first alpaca from a farm in northern MN.  We didn't even own a farm yet, but that didn't matter. We boarded her at her farm of origin and spent the next four years volunteering on her and other farms to learn all we could about raising alpacas.

We currently run a herd of most fiber males in a wide range of colors, from white to black. We have two females for sale currently, in a combination package including two unrelated males for breeding. The older female could also be bred to one of our other males before leaving our farm if you so desire, giving you a package of five.

There are many things to consider before your purchase, such as finding a vet that does camelids (not all vets can or will), finding or learning how to shear them, knowing what types of fencing and shelters you will need, knowing what feed and minerals to provide, knowing the inherent risks involved of various husbandry methods, etc. etc.

It is always best to visit a farm in person before making any purchasing decisions, and we encourage you to visit our farm and meet our boys - and girls - if you are considering adding alpacas to your farm.

Please contact us to set up your farm visit today!