Grass-fed rotational grazing is the cornerstone of our farm

One of the best things about having this beautiful land is sharing it with others.  We believe that the way we raise our critters is the healthiest for the livestock, the farmers, and the land, and we love to share our methods with others. 

If you would like to take a tour of the property, we offer privately scheduled tours of one hour for up to five people for $25.

During your one-hour tour we will visit a number of our mobile paddocks, showing you how we raise all of our critters from alpacas to rabbits out on pasture for up to eight months of the year, utilizing mobile electric net fences which are moved by hand every week. 

We will also talk about the reasons this type of rotational grazing is the healthiest way to raise livestock, increasing forage density and improving forage variety while beating the parasite cycles naturally and allowing us to maintain herd health without chemicals or pharmaceuticals.  

Tours can be scheduled any day of the week, but please call ahead to schedule a time that fits in your and our schedules.