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Farm Share/partnership/land access opportunity - new farmers wanted!

Available each year during the growing season (seasonal only, not year-round).  

Please read everything on this page and follow the directions carefully when placing inquiries. 

If you've been dreaming of farming but are finding land and infrastructure costs prohibitive, we have a solution.

Litengård, a 40-acre chemical-free, GMO-free farm, is now available for a farm-share opportunity for the right person/people/family. We are located between La Crosse, WI and Madison, WI in the "driftless" region of SW WI. 

We supply the training, the land (17 acres hayfield, 20 grazeable), a 2500 square foot garden, the infrastructure (mobile rabbit, chicken, turkey and sheep shelters), the electric net fences, solar & electric fence chargers, weed trimmers, brush mowers, ATV, livestock (Icelandic sheep, alpacas, Sweetgrass turkeys, laying hens, broiler chickens, meat rabbits). 

You may add other livestock to our operations if there is enough infrastructure to accommodate them (or you may add additional infrastructure to accommodate additional livestock).

We will help with deliveries (currently serving customers from Madison, WI to La Crosse to Minneapolis) and also help with marketing (a licensed LLC to sell our meats through, farm websites, Facebook pages, listings in various food directories) and an existing customer list. 

You supply the labor & enthusiasm and a living structure (RV, yurt, camper, tent, etc.) or you can choose to live in our un-refurbished 1971 Airstream for free (just a sleeping structure, no bathroom or kitchen facilities). 

We also share our house (full kitchen, bathroom, shower, hot/cold running water, WiFi, house/farm cats). 

We split the production and profits (details and percentages to be determined based on mutual agreement). 

Physical requirements may in include but are not solely limited to:

Able to stand/walk/stoop/bend for chores 4-5 hours/day - split into two sessions (morning and evening/dusk)
Lift and carry 50# feed bags
Lift and carry 40# water buckets
Pull, move and set electric net fences 164' in length (we train you in how to do this)
Weed trimming, push mowing and brush mowing to create new paddocks for rotational grazing - several paddocks moved every week, sometimes multiple times per week
Must be available mornings (7am), but shifts may be split up depending on what needs to be done and anticipated heat index of the day.

Other requirements:

Compassion and kindness to animals of all varieties - currently raising sheep, alpacas, rabbits, meat chickens, laying chickens and turkeys and sharing space with four farm/house cats 
Sense of humor
Enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude 
LGBT- friendly
All races/religions welcome

For more details, please inquire via e-mail to  In your inquiry please include a bit about who you are (and anyone else coming with you), your experience with farming and livestock, education, farmer's market experience, other internships and volunteer experiences, what you'd like to learn, what you'd like to raise, and any special talents or experiences you think are relevant.  A more detailed application will be sent to you after your initial inquiry. 

Points given for thoughtful, thorough responses, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation (if your inquiry resembles a text message - i.e. abbreviations for words, one long sentence and improper punctuation and grammar, we will assume you are not serious about your inquiry and will not respond).

You may send inquiries via e-mail but you MUST call to let us know you are sending an inquiry. We are not often at our computer as we are outside working so you need to let us know there is something coming our way to respond to. 
Extra points given for humor, clever farm related haiku, and your favorite joke. 

All engaging, intelligent applicants will be considered.

To learn more about our farm please visit:

Litengård Facebook page  
Meadowfed Meats, LLC Facebook page

Litengård website

Gypsy Farmgirl Instagram 

Gypsy Farmgirl blog

Thank you for your interest!

The farmers at Litengård - Little Farm